NRS Final Eng (PDF)

The National REDD+ Strategy (NRS) 2017 – 2021 was officially endorsed by the Prime Minister on 08 December 2017. The Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries were the lead institutions in formulating the strategy with support from relevant line ministries and institutions to forest sector. More than 1000 stakeholders ranging from national government institutions, international partners and non-governmental organizations to sub-national institutions, local communities and indigenous groups were consulted on the development stage and inputs on the drafts of the National Strategy.

The Royal Government of Cambodia considered the strategy as an integral mechanism to support Cambodia in combating climate change through improving the management of national resources and forest lands. The NRS aims to reduce annual deforestation by half compared to the rate during Forest Reference Level period of 2006-2014, which was approximately 1.5% per year.

The strategy identifies key drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and outline three inter-connected strategic objectives and nineteen strategies to address those issues and to improve effective forest management.

The first objective focuses on improving management and monitoring of forest resources and forest land use. The second objective concentrates on strengthening implementation of sustainable forest management. The third objective aims at mainstreaming approaches to reduce deforestation, build capacity and engage stakeholders.

To ensure the strategy meets its objectives, and could be practically implemented on the ground, the National REDD+ Investment and Action Plan is now being drafted. It will describe the actions and resources required to achieve the strategic objectives outlined in the NRS, define roles and responsibilities of institutions, identify target areas, and create monitoring and evaluation framework.

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